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Le Plus Beau Coucher de Soleil took place on the 1 st of May 2008 in Geneva. Beneath the cliffs from the borough of Saint-Jean, bathed in the waters of the Rhône, which cross the city of Calvin, the stars dissolved into the night glossing the installation of 14 videos. It is within the shadowy light of this watchtower like studio that one discovers the 14 monitors, placed on ground level on a synthetic grass rug. The guests are seated for a drink, in turn facing each screen diffusing a film. A television set, a video, a headset, a shortened garden chair, 14 times. The ensemble arranged in a circle. In contrast to the festive evening, each spectator was invited to isolate himself in front of the screen. A little like at home. Fourteen European and Swiss artists came together for this event, seven women and seven men, a surprising balance of diverse self-expressionists who ended up resembling the décor of a party, which went on late into the night.

Karine Tissot

(translated by Olivia Croce)